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本文摘要:同一动词+差别介词/副词come短语come across (偶然)遇见(或发现)come along (意外地)泛起;发生;来到come down 降落come from 来自come back 回来come on 快点;加油come out 出书;揭晓;着花;发芽come over 顺便来访come true (希望、梦想等)实现get短语get away 逃离get back 返回get down 下降get on 上车get off 下车get over 克服get


同一动词+差别介词/副词come短语come across (偶然)遇见(或发现)come along (意外地)泛起;发生;来到come down 降落come from 来自come back 回来come on 快点;加油come out 出书;揭晓;着花;发芽come over 顺便来访come true (希望、梦想等)实现get短语get away 逃离get back 返回get down 下降get on 上车get off 下车get over 克服get up 起床;起来get along/on with sb. 与某人相处go短语go away 走开;脱离go back 回去go up 上升;增长go out 出去;熄灭go off 爆炸;走开;衰退go over 仔细检查;温习go through 通过give短语give away 赠送;分发give back 还给;送还;恢复(康健等)give in 投降,屈服give out 发出(气味、光线、声音、信号);分发give up 放弃look短语look after 照顾;照看look at 看look around 环视四周look for 寻找;寻求look into 观察look out 当心look over (仔细)检查look through 浏览look up (在词典、参考书等中)查阅;查找look up to 钦佩;仰慕;尊敬look down upon 瞧不起look forward to 盼愿;期待put短语put away 把……收起来;储存……备用put down 写下;放下put off 推迟;拖延put on 穿上;上演;增加put out 扑灭;熄灭(火)put up 张贴;搭建take短语take away 拿走;带走take down 取下;记下;拆卸take in 吸入;吞入(体内)take out 取出take off 脱下(衣服);(飞机等)起飞take up 占据(时间、空间);开始从事;拿起take care 当心;小心take after (在外貌、性格等方面)与(怙恃等)相像take care of 照看;照顾turn短语turn down 调低,调小;拒绝turn up 开大, 调高;泛起turn on 打开turn off 关闭 turn out 效果是turn in 上交同一动词+差别介词/副词1.We will never _______ our dream until it comes true one day.A. give up B. give in C. give out D. give awayA【剖析】句意:我们永远不会_____ 我们的梦想直到它实现的那一天。give up放弃;give in屈服;give out分发;give away捐赠,凭据句意放弃梦想,故选A。

2.—Hurry up! I’m afraid we will miss the plane.—Don’t worry! The plane will not _____ until 12 o’clock.A. take after B. take away C. take off D. take outC【剖析】句意:“快点!我担忧我们将错过飞机”“不要担忧!飞机12点前不会 _____。”take after(外貌或行为)像;take away拿走;take off起飞;take out取出。

凭据句意飞机应该是起飞,故选C。3.—Why does your room look so small?—Because the bed_______too much space.A. takes up B. takes down C. takes off D. takes awayA【剖析】句意“为什么你的房间看起来这么小?”“因为床_____太多的空间。”takes up占据;takes down记下;takes off脱掉,(飞机等)起飞;takes away带走,取走。


4.In order to save the energy, we should ________ lights in time if we don’t need them.A. turn up B. turn down C. turn off D. turn onC【剖析】句意:为了节约能源,在我们不需要用灯时,应当实时把他们_____。turn up调大,通常指声音等;turn down调小;turn off关闭;turn on打开。凭据句意可知,此处是指关掉灯。故选C。

5.I’m very surprised to ________ an old friend in Paris. We haven’t seen each other for years.A. come out B. come across C. come after D. come onB【剖析】句意:我很惊讶在巴黎______一位老朋侪。我们许多年都没晤面了。

come out出书;come across偶然遇见;come after追随;come on加油。凭据语境可知选B。6.It’s a good habit for us that we should never ________ today's work till tomorrow.A. put on B. put offC. put up D. put downB【剖析】句意:我们应该决不把今天的事情_______到明天,这对我们来说是一个好习惯。

put on穿上;put off 推迟;put up张贴;put down记下,凭据句意表现把今天的事情推迟到明天,故选B。7.The doctors ________ the little girl carefully. They advised her to take some medicine on time. A. looked into B. looked over C. looked for D. looked at B【剖析】句意:医生们仔细地_____ 小女孩。他们建议她定时吃药。

looked into观察;looked over (仔细)检查;looked for 寻找;looked at看。联合句意可知此处是指医生仔细地检查了谁人小女孩。

故选B。8.—What do you usually do in the evening, Tom?—I usually ________ the newspapers to find something interesting.A. look through B. look outC. look around D. looked intoA【剖析】句意“汤姆,你晚上通常做什么?”“我通常 报纸来找一些有趣的工具。” look through浏览;look out当心;look around向四周看;looked into观察。凭据句意可知指“浏览”,故选A。

差别动词+同一介词/副词about短语care about 体贴;在意talk about 谈论;讨论;议论think about 思量throw about 乱丢;抛撒worry about 担忧at短语point at 指向look at 看(某人)throw at 投向;掷向laugh at(sb.) 讽刺(某人)knock at 敲shout at(sb.) 对(某人)大呼aim at 瞄准;旨在away短语get away 逃离give away 赠送;分发put away 把……收起来;储存……备用run away 逃跑;跑掉take away 拿走throw away 扔掉move away 搬走,移开back短语bring back 恢复;使想起;送还come back 回来get back 回来;恢复give back 送还;送回go back 回去pay back 归还(乞贷等)talk back 回嘴;顶嘴down短语break down 停止运转;出故障calm down 保持岑寂cut down 砍倒;削减fall down 落下;摔倒get down 下来;落下put down 写下;记下;放下shut down 关上;停业take down 拆除;记载turn down 调低;关小;拒绝write down 写下;记下in短语believe in 信任;信赖check in 报到;挂号come in 进来hand in 交上;提交;呈送take in 吸入;吞入(体内);明白;欺骗of短语hear of 听说think of 思考;思量get out of 脱离;从……出来take care of 照顾;照看off短语break off 突然中止;中断cut off 切除;切断drop off 淘汰;下降fall off 从……掉下get off 脱下;下车go off (闹钟)发出响声;发出(光、热等)keep off 勿踏;勿踩knock off 停止做某事pay off 偿清(欠款等)put off 推迟;拖延run off 跑掉;迅速脱离see off(为某人)送行set off 动身(去某地);起程send off 派遣shut off 关闭;停止运转take off 脱下(衣服),(飞机等)起飞tell off 责备;分配turn off 关闭on短语put on 穿上turn on 打开fight on 坚持pass on 通报keep on 继续(举行)try on 试穿;试试看work on 从事;忙于depend on 依赖come on 赶忙;加油;来吧hold on 等一等(别挂电话)out短语blow out 吹灭break out (战争、火灾等)突然发生;发作bring out 使显现;使体现出check out 查明;脱离clean out 清除;把……扫除洁净clear out 清理;丢掉come out 出书;揭晓cut out 删除;删去find out 查明;发现;相识get out 出去,脱离give out 发出(气味、光线、声音、信号);分发go out 出去;熄灭hand out 分发;发放keep out 不让......进入leave out 不包罗;不提及;忽略look out 留意;当心put out 扑灭;熄灭(火)run out 用尽;耗尽sell out 卖完;售光set out 出发;启程stand out 站出来;突出;坚持到底take out 取出work out 算出;解决help (sb.) out 资助(某人)解决难题over短语come over 顺便来访fall over 绊倒get over 克服;恢复;原谅go over 仔细检查;温习look over (仔细)检查up短语bring up 教育;造就;提出cheer up 使振奋;使兴奋起来(cheer sb. up)clean up (把……)扫除洁净;(把……)收拾整齐cut up 切碎dress up 穿上盛装;装扮eat up 吃光;吃完fix up 修理;修补get up 起床give up 放弃grow up 发展;长大hang up 挂断电话hurry up 赶忙look up (在词典、参考书等中)查阅;查找make up 编造;形成;组成pick up 捡起put up 张贴;搭建send up 发射,把……送上去set up 建设;建立;开办show up 出席;露面stay up 不睡觉;熬夜take up (尤指为消遣)学着做;开始做think up 想出turn up 开大(声音);泛起use up 用完;用光;耗尽with短语agree with 赞同;持相同意见begin with 以……开始connect with 与……相连deal with 处置惩罚;应付catch up with 遇上come up with 提出;想出(主意、回覆等)get along/on with sb. 与某人相处go on with 继续keep in touch with sb. 与某人保持联系keep up with 与......并驾齐驱;跟上差别动词+同一介词/副词9.Mike and his parents will______for Shanghai to visit Disney Park tomorrow.A. put off B. take off C. get off D. set off D【剖析】句意:迈克和他怙恃明天将____去上海观光迪斯尼乐园。put off推迟;take off脱下,(飞机)起飞;get off下车;set off动身(去)。

凭据句意可知,他们明天动身去上海观光,因此用set off。故选D。

10.This bus doesn’t go to the train station. I’m afraid you’ll have to ________ at the library and take the A30.A. take off B. put off C. get off D. turn offC【剖析】句意:这辆公交车不去火车站。我恐怕你不得不从图书馆 , 然后转乘A30。take off 脱下,(飞机)起飞;put off推迟;get off下车;turn off关闭。

凭据语境可知此处指的是下车,故选C。11.—What are you doing over there?—I’m ________a photo of our family on the wall.A. looking up B. giving up C. making up D. putting upD【剖析】句意:“你在那里做什么?”“我把一张我们的全家福在墙上。”looking up向上看,查找;giving up放弃;making up组成,编造;putting up张贴。

凭据句意可知“put up”切合语境,指把照片往墙上贴。故选D。

12.People along the river didn’t allow them to_______ a factory there in order to protect the water.A. set up B. give up C. take up D. look upA【剖析】句意:为了掩护河水,沿河的人们不允许他们在那一个工厂。set up建设,开业;give up放弃;take up从事;占据;look up查阅,向上看。

set up a factory建设一个工厂。故选A。

13.—Do you know who _______ my dictionary? I can’t find it.—Sorry, I don’t konw, either. I was out just now.A. got away B. took away C. ran away D. threw awayB【剖析】句意:“你知道谁________我的字典吗?我找不到它了”“欠好意思,我也不知道。我刚出去了”got away逃离;took away拿走;run away逃跑;threw away扔掉。

凭据句意可以是询问谁拿走了我的字典,故选B。14.—Could you tell me where the fitting room is? I need to________ this pair of pants.—Sure. Over there.A. work on B. pass on C. depend on D. try onD【剖析】句意:“你能告诉我试衣间在那里吗?我需要________这条裤子。

”“固然可以。在那里”work on从事;pass on通报;depend on依赖;try on试穿。凭据句意寻找试衣间,表现要试穿这条裤子,故选D。15.—When will your new book_______? I can’t wait to read it.—Next month.A. give out B. come out C. work out D. sell outB【剖析】句意:“你的新书什么时候_______?我迫不及待地想读它。

”“下个月”give out 分发;come out 出书;work out 解决;sell out卖光。凭据句意“我”想读你的书,可知询问的是新书什么时候出书,故选B。

16.It took them about five hours to________ the fire. Although the house was destroyed, nobody was hurt.A. put out B. carry out C. work out D. find outA【剖析】句意:他们花费了约莫5个小时才把火。只管屋子被破坏了,但没人受伤。put out扑灭,熄灭;carry out实施;work out算出,解决;find out查明。

凭据语境可知,此处指“花了快要5个小时才把火扑灭”,故选A。17.The best way of ________ the problem is by asking the teacher for help.A.beginning with B. dealing with C. connecting with D. agreeing withB【剖析】句意:_______这个问题最好的方法是寻求老师的资助。beginning with以......开始;dealing with 处置惩罚;connecting with与......相连;agreeing with赞同。

deal with the problem处置惩罚问题,故选B。差别动词+差别介词/副词练一练差别动词+差别介词/副词18.I promised her to ________ her child during her business trip.A. agree with B. worry about C. look after D. laugh atC 【剖析】句意:我答应在她出差期间帮她 她的小孩。agree with同意;worry about担忧;look after照顾,照料;laugh at讽刺。

分析语境可知,此处指照顾小孩。故选C。19.I often______ the lessons with my good friends. It is easier for us to exchange some ideas with each other.A. look for B. break in C. turn out D. go overD【剖析】句意:我经常和我的好朋侪一起 作业。

对我们来说,相互交流一下想法更容易了。look for寻找;break in打断;turn out证明是,效果是;go over温习。分析句意可知此处是温习作业。

故选D。20.You’d better not_______ late for your favorite TV plays. Enough sleep is necessary for your health.A. take on B. stay up C. put off D. turn downB【剖析】句意:你最好不要为了你喜欢的电视剧 太晚。富足的睡眠对你的康健来说是须要的。take on出现;stay up熬夜;put off推迟;turn down关掉,拒绝。




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